Laura Su

BS Exercise Science, NSCA-CSCS, USAW-L1, RPR L1, GGS L1

about me

I grew up in Seattle, WA where I spent most of my childhood on the back of a horse (where my horse girls at!?). I went to Seattle Pacific University where I studied exercise science and was an oarswomen on the women’s rowing team. This was where I really found my love of athletics and weight lifting. This along with my exercise science major set me up on my path on becoming a strength and conditioning specialist and competitive powerlifter.

I started my own coaching business, Liberate Strength (formerly LS Training), after deciding that the commercial gym trainer life was not for me. Now I work as a strength coach in Seattle, WA where I prioritize not only getting you strong AF, but also educating you on the how and why behind exercise and nutrition.

Whether you are just wanting to get comfortable in the gym and learn how to get stronger, or you want to take powerlifting more seriously and train under the guidance of a nationally certified coach, let’s connect!

powerlifting achievements

  • 56kg Lifter
  • WA State Record Holder
  • National Competitor
  • Pro Qualifier Competitor

In Person Training

Remote Coaching

Lift Like Laura

Remote Powerlifting Coaching

Individualized training for recreational or competitive powerlifters. Whether you’ve competed already or want to do your first meet, I want to help you get stronger and improve the execution of your lifts. We’ll start with a consultation call (30-60 minutes) to go over your training history, goals, current numbers, and training split. Remote Coaching includes weekly check-ins, real time program updates, and 24/7 communication with your coach.

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