My Programs

1:1 Personal Training

Work with me in person and get strong! Each 60 minute training session is tailored to your individual needs and goals. Whether you want to get stronger, work on your body composition, or need to work around an injury, I got you!

Remote Coaching

Work with me remotely and let’s get you strong! Whether you have competed before or you want to prep for your first meet, I want you on my roster! As a nationally ranked 56kg powerlifter AND certified strength coach, I know how to get you strong but also will help you understand the rules and logistics of a meet and program leading up to it.

Nutrition Coaching

Training helps you body adapt, but nutrition can help you achieve accelerated results. How we eat and hydrate makes a big difference in the quality of your training! My habit-based nutrition coaching will help you nail down fundamental nutrition habits to help make eating better and fueling your body easier.

Lift Like Laura

Lift Like Laura is a subscription-based workout program that is updated every four weeks. LLL is designed to help improve your strength and technique in your squat, bench, and deadlift and is a great budget-saving option over 1:1 remote coaching.

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