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Do you need help with making #gains?

Well you know what? I’ve been there too! That’s why I’ve spent my career learning and educating myself as much as I can so I can help you.

When you work with me you can expect:

My Training Philosophy

I coach with a focus on technique and strength and write programs that reflect this emphasis. Improving your numbers is more than just about trying to go as heavy as you can. With that being said, you definitely will work hard when you train with me!

My knowledge of exercise physiology and anatomy help me develop evidence-based programs that have been proven to improve strength and technique, all while accounting for and preventing injuries.

Weekly updates to your training programs

Technique analysis with each workout

Responsive communication

A coach who truly cares about you and your progress!

"For those of you looking for a personal trainer, coach, and just all around great person to have in your corner, then you need to connect with Laura.

I’ve had a bad experience in the past with training and trying to learn how to body build, build strength, and just grow in general. Laura is very thorough in her knowledge of fitness, nutrition, and the science behind anatomy and physiology (which is probably my favorite part, since I am a science nerd). I’ve always been super skinny and not naturally strong. Laura has helped me to build my strength, size and confidence in my self. I feel more confident in navigating training on my own now, to a certain extent, and I always know that if I have a question, Laura will give me an answer, or she will research it. Seriously, if you are on the fence about investing in a personal trainer, then look no further.”

- Christopher Jellum

What are you waiting for?

Ready to start getting stronger and improving your technique? I cannot wait to work with you. Let’s start with an info call to see if we’d be a good fit for training!

1:1 Personal Training

  • x1/week $397
  • x2/week $797
  • x3/week $1197

Remote Coaching

  • $297/month
  • Weekly Check Ins
  • Form Feedback and Analysis
  • 24/7 Coach Communication

Frequently Asked Questions

Each training session is 60 minutes long and includes a dynamic warm-up, movement preparation, strength training involving compound movements and accessories. Each workout is catered to each individual’s needs and goals.

I do not. I do provide nutrition coaching services where I work primarily on behaviors and habits around food. We can formulate a meal plan together based off your lifestyle and goals, but I don’t write one-off meal plans.

That’s okay! I can write programs based off the equipment and space that you have available to you. But I do encourage all clients to invest in a gym membership for long-term progress.

I like to start off any new clients with an info call to make sure that we are a good fit for training whether in person or remotely. Here is where we can chat about your goals and you can ask questions about my services!

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